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Professional Rights

The Presidential Decree 99/2018, published in the Government Gazette 187 / Α / 5-11-2018, regulates the profession of engineering, defining the professional rights for each specialty. In particular, the Mineral Resources Engineer professional rights are defined in Article 14 (page 10417) as follows:

  1. As Mineral Resources Engineer is considered an engineer dealing with mining technology, petroleum engineering, geotechnology, geotechnical engineering, geological sciences, environmental engineering, geoenvironment, metallurgy, and materials technology. The subject area of a Mineral Resources Engineer comprises:
  • Basic scientific background on: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Mineralogy, Computer Programming and Applications, Humanities.
  • Exploring, prospecting, mining, production and utilization of mineral and energy raw materials, hydrocarbon reservoirs (oil and gas) and geothermal fields.
  • Design, development and operation of mines, quarries and industrial facilities utilizing mineral raw materials, as well as ancillary project facilities.
  • Location and exploitation, protection, and decontamination of underground aquifers.
  • Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Drilling engineering.
  • Metallurgical processes (extractive and natural metallurgy).
  • Metalworking, forming of metals and alloys, welding.
  • Technology of ceramics, glass, electronic materials.
  • Occupational health and safety.
  • Quality management.
  • Technical Project Management, technical economics, technical projects means of production, site organization, construction methods, administration and organization of projects and constructions, quality control and assurance, project safety, risk management, systems optimization.
  1. The Mineral Resources Engineer has the following professional rights:
  • Preparation of Special Spatial Frameworks and Regional Special Frameworks for mineral raw materials.
  • Preparation of studies for the location of metallurgical plants and mining facilities for mineral raw materials and preparation of a general arrangement (Master Plan).
  • Preparation of studies of metallic installations in areas of mining activity where foundation and anti-seismic calculation are not required.
  • Preparation of Hydrogeology and Groundwater studies.
  • Preparation of Geotechnical Studies and Surveys.
  • Preparation of studies for underground technical works.
  • Management and assessment (plant and equipment values, vulnerability, risk).
  • Preparation of studies of enrichment processing plants.
  • Development, materials design, and quality control.
  • Preparation of studies for industries dealing with metals and alloys processing and shaping.
  • Preparation of studies for industries dealing with metallurgical powders, composites, and other materials production and processing.
  • Preparation of studies for industries dealing with the production of refractory materials, ceramic products and glass products, production of cement, insulation and fillers, mortars, etc.
  • Preparation of studies of metallurgical, mining installations of the manufacturing industry.
  • Preparation of studies in minerals and ores mining facilities except for electrical, mechanical, and shipbuilding studies.
  • Preparation of studies in crude oil and natural gas pumping installations, except for electrical, mechanical, and shipbuilding studies.
  • Preparation of studies in facilities for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastes, and material recovery.
  • Preparation of studies in hazardous materials storage facilities, as well as in cryogenic facilities.
  • Preparation of studies in facilities subject to radiation.
  • Preparation of energy efficiency studies, facilities upgrading and energy saving (industries, buildings, etc.).
  • Energy audits / inspections.
  • Preparation of studies and research of geothermal fields (low, medium, and high enthalpy) as well as shallow geothermal energy systems.
  • Elaboration of processing design studies (metallurgical) and utilization of industrial mineral raw materials for the creation of standardized industrial materials and products (ceramic refractories, glasses, etc.).
  • Elaboration of Environmental Studies, Environmental Impact Studies, and Strategic Environmental Assessment ones.
  • Preparation of restoration studies after industrial accidents and related disasters (e.g., decontamination of soils, groundwater, etc.).
  • Preparation of environmental restoration studies in abandoned mining, metallurgical, and other industrial sites.
  • Preparation of studies of sanitary, safety and protection installations against fires and explosions (such as SEVESO, BAME, ATEX).
  • Preparation of Geological and Geophysical Studies and Surveys.
  • Elaboration of Mining Studies and Research.
  • Preparation of studies and research for the exploitation of hydrocarbon reservoirs and their utilization for the storage of hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide.
  • Preparation of studies for special underground projects such as storage areas, tanks, hazardous waste disposal sites, etc.
  • Preparation of studies for the use of explosives in mining and technical projects and construction demolition.
  • Preparation of studies concerning facilities for enrichment, and / or processing of mineral raw materials and secondary raw materials, aggregates and other construction materials and asphalt.
  • Preparation of welding studies and non-destructive control projects, pipelines, metal structures, etc.
  • Preparation of Studies and implementation of all kinds of Drilling projects.
  • Preparation of studies for facilities dealing with production, storage, destruction, and distribution of explosives.
  • Preparation of studies for the selection of metals, alloys, materials required for demanding uses and adverse conditions (e.g., exposure to high pressure, high or extremely low temperatures, dynamic stresses, resistance to earthquakes, malicious acts, terrorist acts, etc., ultra-high strength alloys, abrasion resistant or highly corrosive, etc.)