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Study Advisors

Study Advisors provide the student with the necessary support to meet the requirements of his / her studies at the University.

They schedule regular meetings with students not less than two (2) times a semester. Their duties involve:

  • Identifying the needs and interests of the student, supporting the student’s inclinations and skills, and urging him / her to make the best choices.
  • Facilitating their transition from secondary to tertiary education.
  • Facilitating the student’s contacts with university authorities and administrative bodies and services.
  • Assisting in the preparation of his individual semester curriculum and determining the topic of his/her thesis.
  • Providing information on issues related to student’s professional orientation, based on his/her interests and the continuation of his/her academic career (e.g. postgraduate studies in Greece and abroad).
  • Finding students who have failed too many courses.
  • Caring for and drawing up a plan for these students.
  • The Study Advisor of each Department organizes at least one day conference per academic semester. Details for the conference are posted on the webpage of the Department, ten working days before it is held, under the care and supervision of the Study Advisor. The minimum content in the public announcement includes:
  1. The general description of the Conference
  2. The name and contact details of the speaker of the Conference
  3. The time and place of the Conference
  4. The electronic registration procedure to the Conference
  5. The deadline for registration
  6. The way the Conference can be evaluated by the participants

Prior to the event, the Study Advisor, in collaboration with UoWM’s Quality Assurance Unit (MODIP), plans the procedure and content of the evaluation of the Conference.

All members of the teaching Staff can be appointed Study Advisors by the Department Assembly.

Students, especially first year ones, are encouraged to have frequent meetings with Study Advisors to better organize their curriculum and solve related problems. The final responsibility for their choices regarding their studies depend on the students themselves.

The teaching staff, the administrative staff, the Laboratory Directors, and the Presidents of the Departments, as well as the competent services of the Institution cooperate and support Study Advisors, considering information, observations, suggestions, and requests, for any shortcomings, malfunctions that create problems to students and any suggestions for dealing with them.

Substantial support is provided when there is cooperation between the Study Advisor of each Department and the Accessibility Centre for Students of Vulnerable Social Groups of UoWM.

Contact Procedure

  • The student is informed from the website of the Department about his/her Study Advisor and sends an electronic application.
  • The Study Advisor contacts the student and through the electronic platform zoom an appointment is made for personal discussion, support, and guidance.
  • The Study Advisor fills in a form electronically with the student’s personal details, the questions he / she asks, and the conclusions drawn from the discussion.
  • The Study Advisor keeps a database with the names of the students, the dates of the meetings and the type of discussion.