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Analytical Geochemistry Lab “Andreas Iordanidis”

Laboratory Ηead: Dr. Andreas Iordanidis,  Professor

The laboratory supports the educational and research activities of the Department in the subject areas of Applied and Environmental Geochemistry, Applied Mineralogy and Materials Science.

The Laboratory equipment includes:

  • LECO TGA-701 thermostatic analysis device for performing thermostatic analyses (TGA / DTG) and approximate analysis of lignite samples (humidity, ash, volatile, permanent carbon), fire loss (Loss on Ignition, etc.).
  • LECO AC-500 calorimeter for calculating solid fuel thermogenic power
  • High temperature oven (1100 οC)
  •  X-ray diffractometry device (X-Ray Diffraction, XRD) Seifert 3003 for qualitative and quantitative mineralogical analysis of rocks or crystalline bodies (alloys, films) etc.
  • Rock cutting apparatus also used for the preparation of fine and glossy sections for observation in optical polarizing microscopes
  • Stereoscope for detailed particles observation with a computer connection for digital image taking
  • Magnetic ore separator
  • Analytical balance with an accuracy of four decimal places
  • Granulometric separation device with sieves
  • Crushing and pulverizing machine for rocks or other hard materials
  • Mechanical mortar for material pulverizing
  • Achatine manual mortar for pulverizing small amounts of material