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– Naming of the Analytical Geochemistry Lab “Andreas Iordanidis”

Following a decision of the Assembly of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, the naming of the Laboratory of Analytical Geochemistry “Andreas Iordanidis” took place, in memory of the beloved Professor of the Department who passed away a few months ago.

– Results of the General Assembly of the Mineral Resources Engineering Undegraduate Students

On Wednesday 22/6, the General Assembly of the students of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, UoWM, was held, with a large participation from all semesters. Issues related to the certification of the undergraduate study program were discussed at the General Assembly and the group of students that will participate in the certification process was formed.

– Webinar: Strategic minerals and metals from the Mineral Resources Engineer’s perspective

After a long break due to Easter, our webinars return on Saturday 7 May, 11:00 am with our next speaker, Dr. Georgios Barakos of the Curtin University of Australia. The subject of his presentation is “Strategic minerals and metals from the Mineral Resources Engineer perspective”.
Dr. Barakos is a lecturer at the Western Australia School of Mines of Curtin University in Australia. He has worked as research associate for the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany between 2017 and 2022.
He received his diploma from the School of Mineral Resources Engineering of the Polytechnic of Crete in 2005, as well as his postgraduate degree in Geotechnology and Environment. In 2017 he became a PhD in Mining from the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, in Germany.
He has worked bothe in academia and the industry as a supervising engineer for aggregates quarries. His research interests are focused on evaluating the feasibility of surface and underground mining operations, mine method selection, 3D production planning and optimisation, cost estimation, economic and technical analysis of existing and new mining projects, and market analysis for strategic and critical metals mostly related to the energy transition.
Dr. Barakos collaborate with the European Community as external associate, specialising in the evaluation of mineral raw materials for Europe. He has published a significant number of scientific papers and is a reviewer for many international scientific journals.

Registration is available through the following link: