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PhD Candidates

Currently, the following PhD candidates are undertaking research in the Department:

  • Diamanti Vagia – New approaches to the identification and quantification of atmospheric pollutants emmission sources in urban environment (supervisor: Dr. Triantafyllou Athanasios)
  • Gialamas Evangelos – Application of geostatistical and machine learning methods to the esimtation of marble deposits resources (supervisor: Dr. Kapageridis Ioannis)
  • Gravalos ChristosRoom and pillar stability risk analysis in an underground marble quarry through geotechnical monitoring instruments data evaluation (supervisor: Dr. Kapageridis Ioannis)
  • Kondyla DimitraOperation, safety, and environmental management of surface mines: methodology development and application for the ‘production of knowledge through experience’ from the sixty (60) years of mining of the Ptolemais lignite mines (supervisor: Dr. Pavloudakis Francis)
  • Melidis Chrysovalantis Investigation of the use potential of the olivine from Mount Vourinos of Kozani Prefecture for carbon dioxide capturing (supervisor: Dr. Pavloudakis Francis)
  • Papadimitriou Aglaia Development of ceramic fuel cells / electrolysis of solid oxide technologies for use with conventional mineral fuels or/and carbon dioxide capture – utilisation (supervisor: Dr. Kiratzis Nikolaos)
  • Pagouni Chrysoula Development of a multicriteria method for the selection of optimum land use after closure of a surface mine (supervisor: Dr. Pavloudakis Francis)
  • Patra Agni – Application of machine learning systems and digital twins in mining (supervisor: Dr. Kapageridis Ioannis)
  • Savvidou DespoinaMapping and displaying of the geomechanical registry of hellenic dams using geographical information systems (supervisor: Dr. Sachpazis Costas)
  • Tsachouridis Angelos – Development of technologies/processes for rare earths recovery from flying ash  (supervisor: Dr. Kiratzis Nikolaos)
  • Tsachouridis Stefanos Vulnerability analysis and landslide phenomena of excavations and dumps in surface mines using algorithms based on Geographical Information Systems (supervisor: Dr. Pavloudakis Francis)