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– Expression of interest for attending the Postgraduate Programme “Modern Exploitation of Marble and Natural Stones”

The Department of Mineral Resources Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia intends to establish a new postgraduate program on the modern exploitation of marble and natural stones, following modern international and domestic practices and trends in the extraction and processing of marble and other natural stones. The twelve courses of the MSc “Modern Exploitation of Marble and Natural Stones” cover this subject from all aspects of interest to engineers, geologists, and scientists of related specialties who aim to be active or are active in the specific sector of the mining industry. The content of the courses will cover current developments in research and exploitation, with emphasis on technology, circular economy and environmental protection.
The MSc is addressed to graduates of Mineral Resources Engineers, Mining – Metallurgical Engineers, engineers of related specialties and Geologists who wish to join or are already active in the field of marble and natural stone exploitation, and want to acquire special knowledge, upgrade the knowledge they already have, and get acquainted with modern trends and developments in this field. If you are interested in this program, we invite you to fill in the form below. The data collected will help us better shape and organize the program:

– Suspension of Educational Work Due to Parliamentary Elections

Due to the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on May 21 2023, according to the decision of the Senate meeting No. 184/17052023, classes will not take place in the Departments of the University of Western Macedonia, in order to facilitate students in exercising their right to vote.
The dates, before and after the elections, are:
  • Friday 19 May 2023
  • Monday 22 May 2023

– Granting of Housing Allowance for the Academic Year 2021-2022

The Department of Student Welfare announces the following:

According to No. 78354/Ζ1/27-06-2022 circular of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the electronic applications related to the granting of the housing allowance for the academic year 2021-2022 will be submitted by the

Wednesday 29 June 2022 to Friday 29 July 2022

through the website of the Ministry of Education https://stegastiko. minedu. gov. gr, in the special application for the housing allowance.

In the event that additional supporting documents are requested through the electronic platform of the Ministry, the beneficiary parents or the eligible students, as the case may be, are obliged within ten (10) days from the final submission of their electronic application, to submit them including the electronic application:

  • in pdf format, if sent by email,
  • or in print, if sent by post or courier, to the following described address:

For the Departments of the School of Engineering and the School of Economics in Kozani and Koila respectively:

University of Western Macedonia
Student Welfare Department
Student Dormitories Building
GR-50150, Koila Kozani

Kamarianidou Maria, Galanis Georgios, Tsakrili Konstantina

Tel.: 24610-68271, 68275, 68276

Email: merimna@uowm. gr