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Geomechanical and Geostatic Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory Manager : Dr. Sachpazis Konstantinos, Professor
Professor of Geotechnical Engineering, e-mail: csacpazis@uowm.gr and costas@sachpazis.info


The Laboratory of Geotechnical Engineering is equipped with modern facilities to support undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the field of Geotechnical Engineering.



Conventional laboratory equipment, including odometer, direct shear test, triaxial test, laboratory vane shear test, fixed hydraulic load and hydraulic load drop gauge, Proctor condensation test and test equipment (CBR).

Field Sampling and Monitoring Equipment (eg Manual Drilling Equipment, MASW system).


Laboratory tests

Based on the available laboratory equipment, the following tests are performed on Soils and Rocks:



  • Direct Shear UU, CU
  • Slow Shear CD
  • Unobstructed or Uniaxial Compression Test
  • Double hydrometer test
  • Compression and CBR Control
  • Solidification test
  • Proctor Condensation Test
  • Free Swelling / Swelling Tests
  • Soil Suction Test
  • Granular Analysis (sieves, diluent)
  • One-dimensional & three-dimensional solidification
  • Blade shear test
  • Limits Atterberg
  • Determination of organic, pH & CaCOM3
  • Triaxial Compression Test UU, CU, CUPP, CD (1.5 ”, 4”, 6 ”)
  • Water permeability of Saturated Soils
  • Hydraulic Conductivity Test (on site)
  • Apparent Field Density Test
  • Apparent Density



  • Resistance to Discontinuous Shear
  • Brazilian Test
  • PLT Point Charging Index
  • Hardness Index
  • Jar Slake Test
  • Corrosion control
  • Ultrasound Test for Poisson Speech Determination
  • Uniaxial Grief
  • Uniaxial Compression By measuring Elastic Parameters
  • Petrographic Analysis
  • Density & Porosity

The laboratory part of the courses aims to provide the necessary knowledge to undergraduate and postgraduate students in matters related to research and studies of Geotechnical Engineering (Soil Engineering and Rock Engineering), so that students can understand and respond to this subject.


  • Understand the parameters and characteristics of soil and rock that affect their composition, physical and mechanical behavior.
  • To carry out laboratory and field tests to determine the soil and rock mechanical parameters and characteristics, and the correct use of soil and rock, both as a construction material for construction projects, as a material for receiving loads of technical works and for geomechanical stability; and their security.
  • To organize and perform laboratory tests to determine soil and rock characteristics and parameters.


The following laboratory equipment is indicated:

1 RMU I odometer
2 Electromagnetic sieve vibrator CONTROLS D-407
3 Series of 9 sieves for RMU particle size analysis
4 CISA metal sieves
5 Manual compression machine 2KN, ELE, Serial No 206-6
6 Electric compression machine 2KN, ELE, Serial No 206-6
7 Chyo Electromagnetic Scale, MP-6000, SN 75421
8 Mechanical scale 15 Kg, fd THORNTON & COLT
9 Mechanical scale 100 Kg weylux, model 150
10 Mechanical scale 50 Kg ELE
11 Dryer 1000 lit, EHRET TK1, No. 20098
12 Starrett digital caliper, No722
13 Electric mixer 10 L, CONTROLS, SN 95304
14 Sand equivalent device, RMU, Sr 583 accompanied by a shaker RMU 5019
15 Paraffin melting device for the determination of apparent weight, MEPAX, type 47511, SN 54006
16 Rapid ground moisture measuring device, Riedel-de-Haen, type CM-Great
17 Dynamic pedometer RMU, SI 70, accompanied by motorized rod lifting device RMU I 65/1
18 PROCTOR device, standard CONTROLS method
19 PROCTOR device, modified standard CONTROLS method
20 EHPET sample dryer, SN 20093
21 Ph-METRO HANNA, type HI 9025C
22 Water limitation device, CASAGRANDE, manual RMU S1
23 Pocket pedometer (Pocket) RMU
24 PROCTOR – Πενετρόμετρο RMU, SN 39-02-92
25 Plasticity limiting set
26 Air compressor 100 lit, TOROS
27 On-site CBR detector, CONTROLS T115 / A
28 Three-axle test machine RNU, S 102, capacity 50KN accompanied by:
·         RMU S 116 triaxial cell for 38.1 x 76.2 samples
·         Air pressure to water pressure conversion cells 1000 KPa
·         Volume change device
·         Manometer
·         MPX-2000 geotechnical data collection and processing system
·         Digital longitudinal symmeters
29 PC Z 840 PC
30 HP Desk Jet 5100 Printer


Indicative Presentations / Lectures on Geotechnical Engineering:

  •  Mineralogy Clay – Clay Mineralogy
  •  Soil Classification – Soil Classification
  •  Relationship Between Soil Phases – Phase Relations
  •  Concentration of Soil – Compaction
  •  Permeability and Filtration Through Soil – Permeability
  •  Shear Strength of Soil – Shear strength of soils
  •  solidification of aluminum – Consolidation
  •  Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering – Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
  •  Soil Mechanics
  •  Notes Soil Mechanics Laboratory Testing
  •  Soil Mechanics Exercise 9 – Soil Mechanics Exercise 9


Indicative Professional Presentations in Geotechnical Engineering:

  •  “Anchored Supports” Procedure for making anchored supports (in Greek)
  • Deep Excavation supported by Anchored Reinforced Pile Retaining Wall in Aigiptou Square, Alexandras Avenue, Athens, Greece (στα Αγγλικά)
  • Lateral earth pressures
    Lateral Earth Pressures (in Greek)
  • Stability Investigation Methodology and Technologies for Stabilization of Slopes and Body of Unstable Areas of Uncontrolled Waste Disposal (HADA). The case study of “HADA Paianias” in Greece
    Stability Investigation Methodology and Technologies for Stabilization of Slopes and Bodies of unstable Uncontrolled Waste Disposal Sites (UWDS). The “PeaniaU.WDS” Case Study in Greece (in English)
  • Use of the Geophysical Method of Georadar (GPR) in locating buried Ancient Antiquities
    Technical Note on Application of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Archaeological Site Characterization
  • Analysis & Carrying Capacity Verification piles Foundation
    Foundation Pile Bearing Capacity Analysis / Verification (English)
  • Geophysical – Geotechnical and Technical
    Geological Survey Services Capabilities and Qualifications Onshore Geophysical and Geological Engineering Investigation and Survey Services (in English)
  • What areas of Attica are in eddy flood
    Which areas in Attica district, Greece are in the dyne of floods ( in Greek)
  • On-Site Geotechnical Engineering Survey
    Geotechnical Engineering Site Investigation and Characterizations