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Atmospheric Pollution and Environmental Physics

Laboratory Head: Dr Athanasios Triantafyllou, Professor

The Laboratory caters for:

  • Creating theoretical, scientific and technological infrastructure for effective teaching of undergraduate and graduate courses, related to the research areas of the laboratory
  • Promoting applied research, parallel development and practical application of these subject areas to meet societal needs
  • Creating incentives for students to engage in research and employment prospects for graduates
  • Transferring know-how, providing consulting services, disseminating knowledge and information to the general public, institutions, companies of the Public and Private sector dealing with environmental and energy management and technology

The Laboratory offers four courses taught in Mineral Resources Engineering Department, School of Engineering, UoWM

  • MRE104: Physics I (Engineering, Waves, Thermodynamics)
  • MRE202: Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism, Circuits, ElectromagneticWaves, Optics, Atomic and Nuclear Physics)
  • MRE604: Atmospheric Pollution – Climate Change
  • MRE932: Air Waste Management Technologies – Dispersion Models

It participates in the organization of postgraduate programmes, in the preparation of doctoral dissertations, independently or in collaboration with laboratories of Greek and foreign Universities. It is active in applied research, in the context of mainly competitive programmes funded by national bodies, the European Commission and industry.

Main areas of research:

  • Air Pollution
  • Atmospheric Boundary Layer – Atmospheric Dispersion
  • Decision Support Systems for Air Quality Management
  • Measurement and Analysis of Wind Power

The research activity of the laboratory is funded by national bodies, the European Commission, but also directly by the industry. The results of the research are published in international scientific journals with judges and in national and international conferences.

Laboratory web page: http://airlab.edu.gr