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Mineral Resources Engineering Study Programme

The Mineral Resources Engineering undergraduate study programme lasts 10 terms (five years). The course catalogue per term is given below. You can click on the course code number to view the course outline.

1st Term

Mathematics I MRE101
Introduction to Computer Programming MRE102
Geology MRE103
Physics I MRE104
Technical Drawing MRE105
General Mineralogy MRE106
English for Mineral Resources Engineers MRE107

2nd Term

Mathematics II MRE201
Physics II MRE202
Basic Principles of Chemistry MRE203
Mechanics – Structures MRE204
Scientific Programming MRE205
Systematic Mineralogy MRE206
English Academic Skills MRE207

3rd Term

Mathematics III – Numerical Analysis MRE301
Mechanics – Strength of Materials MRE302
Thermodynamics MRE303
Computer Aided Design MRE304
Petrology MRE305
Electric Motors – Electronics MRE306
English Academic Writing MRE307

4th Term

Geotechnical and Soil Mechanics MRE401
Economic Geology MRE402
Interpretation and Analysis of Geological Maps MRE403
Geodesy MRE404
Transport Phenomena MRE405
Applied Hydraulics MRE406

5th Term

Surface Mining MRE501
Steel Structures Design MRE502
Hydrogeology MRE503
Mine Management & Administration MRE504
Geochemistry MRE505
Applied Geophysics MRE506
Applied Geostatistics MRE507

6th Term

Underground Mining MRE601
Mining Safety, Health and Law MRE602
Innovation – Εntrepreneurship MRE603
Atmospheric Pollution – Climate Change MRE604
Energy Raw Materials MRE605
Investment Decision Analysis MRE606

7th Term

Rock Mechanics – Engineering Geology MRE701
Mineral Processing Methods MRE702
Environmental Mining MRE703
Industrial Minerals and Rocks MRE704
Remote Sensing – GIS MRE705
Drilling Technology MRE706
Materials Science MRE707
Internship MRE708

8th Term

1st Orientation – Mining and Geotechnical Engineering

Retaining and Support of Surface & Underground Excavations MRE811
Mining with Explosives MRE812
Mechanical Mining MRE813
Loading and Haulage Systems in Construction Works and Mines MRE814
Mine Planning MRE815

2nd Orientation – Energy Resources Engineering

Hydrocarbons Reservoir Engineering MRE821
Secondary Energy Sources – Biofuels MRE822
Coal Mining Technology MRE823
Seismic Methods in Hydrocarbons Exploration MRE824
Science and Technology of Geothermal Fields MRE825

3rd Orientation – Geoenvironmental Engineering

Environment Restoration in Mining and Geotechnical Operations MRE831
Safety and Environment in Hydrocarbons Production and Distribution MRE832
Solid Waste Management – Recycling MRE833
Environmental Geochemistry MRE834
Wastewater Processing Technology MRE835

Optional (selecting 1 of 4)

Mine Surveying and Geoinformatics MRE891
Mineral Resources and Ceramic Fuel Cells MRE892
Failure Analysis / Forensic Engineering MRE893
Road Planning MRE894

9th Term

1st Orientation – Mining and Geotechnical Engineering

Advanced Geomechanics – Tunnelling MRE911
Underground Mine Ventilation MRE912
Reservoir and Tailings Dams MRE913
Marble and Quarry Materials Exploitation and Processing MRE914
Metallurgy – Industrial Alloys MRE915
Research Methodology MRE906

2nd Orientation – Energy Resources Engineering

Oil & Natural Gas Engineering MRE921
Advanced Methods of Energy Sources Exploitation MRE922
Feasibility Analysis of Hydrocarbon Resources Exploitation MRE923
Renewable Energy Sources MRE924
Electrochemical Engineering MRE925
Research Methodology MRE906

3rd Orientation – Geoenvironmental Engineering

Environmental Impact Assessment Studies in Mining and Geotechnical Projects MRE931
Air Waste Management Technologies – Dispersion Models MRE932
Environmental Management and Law MRE933
Catastrophic Phenomena MRE934
Quality Management – Certification MRE935
Research Methodology MRE906

Optional (selecting 1 of 4)

Management Information Systems in Mining Works MRE991
Concrete – Structural Constructions MRE992
Industrial and Mining Steel Frame Structures MRE993
Instrumental Methods of Mineralogic Analysis MRE994


10th Term

Final Year Project – Diploma Thesis