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Code of Conduct

The Department of Mineral Resources Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia is committed to applying the ethical rules arising from the application of laws relating to Higher Education and Research, and to the relevant decisions of the competent bodies of the University of Western Macedonia. In addition, the Department is committed to seeking and adopting best practices, taking into account international experience, in an effort to continually upgrade its operations. Specifically, the Mineral Resources Engineering Department:

  1. Recognizes as particularly important its obligation to educate its students, emphasizing the principles of moral integrity, respect for the beliefs and rights of others, the promotion of health and safety, the well-being of the public and, in particular, the protection of the environment.
  2. Seeks to disseminate the principles of the ‘Professional Code of Greek Licensed Engineers’ (Technical Chamber of Greece, TEE-TCG) , the ECEC’s ‘Code of Conduct of European Chartered Engineers’, and similar texts from other reputable international organizations (FEANI, AIChE), in the context of professionally  preparing its graduates.
  3. Seeks to apply relevant international regulations in the preparation of technical studies and the publication of research results.
  4. Attaches great importance to the consolidation of ethical and professional integrity rules in all aspects of the educational process. It shall make every effort to inform its students of all matters relating to infringements of the examination rules or other means of assessment.
  5. Considers the recognition of the scientific work an inviolable rule and for this reason trains students in the correct methodology of referencing the work of others. Applies the use of plagiarism software to all Diploma Theses, Postgraduate Research Theses and Doctoral Theses, and to all written work that results from a teaching or research project.
  6. Has an obligation to protect the independence of researchers and to ensure that ethically sound research practice is complied with in accordance with applicable law and international rules resulting from international agreements or decisions of international organizations in which our country participates. It should also provide information to its members on research ethics and international scientific developments.
  7. Seeks to instill in students respect for public property and the development of a sense of responsibility for the protection of premises and equipment used in the educational and research process.
  8. In all cases of found violations of the rules of academic conduct, it shall apply the provisions of the Regulations and the relevant decisions of the competent bodies of the University of Western Macedonia.
  9. Establishes and operates a Committee on Academic Ethics, consisting of the Head and Deputy Head of the Department, as well as the President of the Department Quality Assurance Unit, which reviews complaints of such violations and proposes appropriate action to the Assembly. The Committee also recommends procedures for dealing with infringements, measures to prevent them and amendments to the Code of Conduct.
  10. Fully complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 as regards the educational and research work of the Department.


  • Professional Code of Greek Licensed Engineers
  • European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679
  • Code of Conduct of European Chartered Engineers
  • FEANI Position Paper on Conduct Code: Ethics and Conduct of Professional Engineers
  • AIChE Code of Ethics