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Diploma Thesis

Undergraduate studies in our Department are complete after a Diploma Thesis has been submitted. It is an extensive project prepared by undergraduate students during the 10th semester of their studies under the supervision of a Department Staff member, corresponding to 30 credits (ECTS) and required to qualify them as Certified Mineral Resources Engineers. Its topic should be related to the direction chosen by the student.

The Diploma Thesis gives students the opportunity to complete their knowledge and present their skills in the processing of independent topics of their specialty.  Moreover, it enables students to work in the environment of a research laboratory and be members of a team. Upon thesis successful completion, students should be able to:

  • apply their theoretical-scientific knowledge and skills in practice
  • collaborate and address data research problems
  • develop their creativity and take the initiative in designing and preparing a project
  • consistently carry out a research paper
  • use their critical thinking to interpret research results either individually or in groups
  • present the results of their work in a clear and thorough written and oral speech

The language of assessment is Greek (Erasmus students are excluded). Theses are assessed by a three-member examination committee consisting of the supervisor and two faculty members of the Department or other Departments of UoWM and / or research Institutions of Greece or abroad with related subject areas. Thesis requirements and evaluation criteria are defined as follows:

  • Consistency during thesis preparation, cooperation with the supervisor
  • Bibliographic research and building on existing knowledge
  • Development and application of methodology
  • Results processing and interpretation. Conclusions. Suggestions.
  • Text structure and quality
  • Oral presentation
  • Ability to answer questions after the presentation