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Minerals and Rocks Microscopy Lab

Lab Supervisor: Dr. Argyro Asvesta, Associate Professor of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology

The Minerals and Rocks Microscopy Lab supports training and research activities of the Department in the scientific area of Mineralogy – Petrology – Economic Geology.

The lab is equiped with eight modern and high-specification polarised light microscopes (passing through and reflected light), and an adequate number of thin sections of representative types of rocks and glossy sections of the main metal minerals.

The lab equipment also includes a digital photo and video camera, attached to a triopthalmic polarised light microscopy, allowing direct projection of the image during teaching as well as acquisition of photographic material for research work.

The aim of the lab is the practical training of students in microscopic recognition and study of protogenetic minerals, rocks and metal minerals, as well as performing of mineralogical, petrological and geological research.