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Material from previous webinars organised by our Department can be found on this page, organised by year and theme:


Dr. Anezina Solomonidou – Planetary Geology in the outer solar system: the search for materials and the research of astrobiology

Presentation Slides (PDF)           Video

Dr. Ian Brown – 3D Slope Stability Analysis with TSLOPE

Presentation slides (PDF)

Mr. Denis Richard – ERAMET: Sustainable Mining and Environmental Management

Presentation slides (PDF)           Video

Mr. Emmanual Chevalier – CARMEUSE: Mining Expertise Impacting Everyday Life

Presentation slides (PDF)           Video



Dr. Christos Roumpos – Surface Lignite Mines Design in the New Energy  Scene – Critical Factos and Optimisation Models

Presentation slides (PDF),    Photographic material (PDF)

Dr. Athanasios Apostolikas – Mineral Wealth and LARCO GMMSA – Their Contribution to the Hellenic Economy

Presentation slides (PDF)

Mr. Lyssaridis Nikolaos – Drilling and Blasting Technology in Mining & Mineral Wealth in Western Macedonia

Presentation slides 1 (PDF),    Presentation slides 2 (PDF)

Mr. Konstantinos Vythoulkas – Mining of the Paligorskite and Mixed Bentonite Clay Deposit in Grevena-Kozani by GEOHELLAS  SA

Presentation slides (PDF)

Dr. Georgios Bourmas – GRECIAN MAGNESITES SA – Surface and Underground Magnesite Mines

Presentation slides (PDF)

Dr. Francis Pavloudakis – Environment Protection and Land Reclamation in Surface Mines

Presentation slides (PDF)