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Dr. Konstantinos Vatalis

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Academic Position: Professor

Academic records:

  • 1981-1987: University of Palermo Italy, Diploma in Geological Sciences, awarded 1987.
  • 2000-2004: National Technical University of Athens, NTUA Greece. PhD in Environmental Mining, awarded November 2004

Research Interests:

  • Environmental mining and rehabilitation of disturbed lands
  • Low carbon economy and post-coal mining period
  • Health and Safety of mining projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and indices development

Representative publications:

  • Sims, D.B., Hudson, A.C., Keller, J.E., Vatalis, K.I.,Modis, K.P. (2017). Trace element scavenging in dry wash surficial sediments in an arid region of Southern Nevada, USA. Mine Water and the Environment, 36(1), 124-132.
  • Vatalis, K.I.,Manoliadis, O., Charalampides, G., Platias, S., Savvidis, S. (2013). Sustainability components affecting decisions for green building projects. Procedia Economics and Finance 5, 747-756.
  • Modis, K.,Vatalis, K.I., Sachanidis, Ch. (2013). Spatiotemporal risk assessment of soil pollution in a lignite mining region, using BME approach. Journal of Coal Geology. 112 (1), 173–179.
  • Vatalis, K.I.,Laaksonen, A., Charalampides, G., Benetis, N.P. (2012).Intermediate technologies towards low-carbon economy. The Greek zeolite CCS outlook into the EU commitments. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 16, 3391-3400.
  • Modis, K., Vatalis, K., Papantonopoulos, G., Sachanidis, Ch. (2010). Uncertainty management of a hydrogeological data set in a Greek lignite basin, using BME. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 24(1), 47-56.
  • Vatalis, K.I., Kaliampakos, D.C. (2006). An overall index of environmental quality in coal mining areas and energy facilities. Environmental Management, 38(6), 1031-1045.

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Contact details:

Department of Mineral Resources Engineering
University of Western Macedonia
Koila-Kozani, 50100 Greece.

Tel: +30 2461068152

e-mail: kvatalis@uowm.gr