– Professor Emeritus Proclamation

It is with great pleasure that we announce the proclamation of Dr. Triantafyllou Athanasios to Professor Emeritus of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, following a proposal by the Department and the unanimous decision of the Senate of the University of Western Macedonia. Dr.. Triantafyllou was Professor of the Department and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia. During his tenure as a faculty member (37 years – 20 as a Professor) he developed extensive educational, research and administrative work, with an important part of this being the establishment and operation of the Laboratory of Air Pollution and Environmental Physics.
On behalf of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, we warmly thank him for his many years of contribution to the Department and wish him success and strength in his new position. We are confident that he will continue to contribute to the Department and support our students.

– Naming of the Analytical Geochemistry Lab “Andreas Iordanidis”

Following a decision of the Assembly of the Department of Mineral Resources Engineering, the naming of the Laboratory of Analytical Geochemistry “Andreas Iordanidis” took place, in memory of the beloved Professor of the Department who passed away a few months ago.

– Granting of Housing Allowance for the Academic Year 2021-2022

The Department of Student Welfare announces the following:

According to No. 78354/Ζ1/27-06-2022 circular of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, the electronic applications related to the granting of the housing allowance for the academic year 2021-2022 will be submitted by the

Wednesday 29 June 2022 to Friday 29 July 2022

through the website of the Ministry of Education https://stegastiko. minedu. gov. gr, in the special application for the housing allowance.

In the event that additional supporting documents are requested through the electronic platform of the Ministry, the beneficiary parents or the eligible students, as the case may be, are obliged within ten (10) days from the final submission of their electronic application, to submit them including the electronic application:

  • in pdf format, if sent by email,
  • or in print, if sent by post or courier, to the following described address:

For the Departments of the School of Engineering and the School of Economics in Kozani and Koila respectively:

University of Western Macedonia
Student Welfare Department
Student Dormitories Building
GR-50150, Koila Kozani

Kamarianidou Maria, Galanis Georgios, Tsakrili Konstantina

Tel.: 24610-68271, 68275, 68276

Email: merimna@uowm. gr